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Here are some events we plan to participate in in 2024:

ProWine – the next big wine event!

march, 2024

ProWine is an event where thousands of wines from around the world are showcased, and attendees get insights into the latest trends and technologies. To enhance our professional skills and present our intriguing and often bold and experimental wines, forums like ProWine are crucial. We take pride in being part of the global wine scene once again.


Women’s Wine Show

may, 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria

The one and only wine fair of its kind in Bulgaria and Europe, which aims to show the true importance of WOMEN in the world of WINE. More information is coming soon!

october 2024
Borovitza, Bulgaria

For another year, we hope to organize the Fermentation Products Festival in Northwestern Bulgaria. The Ferments Fest is an event for food and drinks produced according to traditional recipes using fermentation processes – natural wines, craft beers, handmade cheeses. We will be sharing more information in the spring.

Вино и колело

"Wine and Bike" Festival - Belogradchik

september 2024
Belogradchik, Bulgaria

It remains to be seen whether we will enjoy this cheerful and colorful event this year as well. Usually, within 2 days, the participants have the opportunity to visit 10 of the most beautiful places on the Belogradchik rocks and at each of these places to taste the wonderful wines of 10 wineries from the Vidin region and eastern Serbia.

december 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria

Like every year, we expect to gather at the biggest forum about Bulgarian wine, where we can share our wines with wine lovers. Usually the wines are presented by the owners or winemakers. Visitors have direct contact with the people behind the wine and a choice of more than 500 wines for tasting.

Christmas Wine Festival with "Borovitza" winery

december 2024

A festive event for all current and future members of the Borovitsa Wine Club. Expect details in October.