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Borovitza Winery

“Borovitza” winery is a special project of two free spirits, who dedicated their lives to wine – Ognyan Tsvetanov and Adriana Srebrinova. Both of them have lived in the world of wine all their lives and are from those lucky people, who do what they do out of personal passion and not just for work.

Borovitza is an emotional journey – a dream, hard work, duty, aspiration, love and sadness. Creating the winery was inspired by leading world examples and the desire of the owners to preserve and promote local traditions and quality products, as well as work with the good people and beautiful nature of the unique “Northern preserved land”, as Adriana calls it. 

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The first few harvests are vinified in other wineries in the region. In 2005 the two partners made the big step to realize their dream of working in their own place and bought the abandoned Borovitza cellar. This was the beginning of a remarkable wine project producing special wines mostly from preserved regional varieties. Borovitza is the place, where Ognyan and Adriana unleashed their full potential as winemakers – with passion, courage and dedication. Combined with the unique terroir of the region, this brought to life an exciting project – to present a unique and beautiful corner of Bulgaria destined for great wines.

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Own vineyards

Borovitsa’s own vineyards are grown on unique soils, with high content of iron oxides, minerals and trace elements, formed by the weathering of the Belogradchik rocks over the span of 240 million years. These vineyards produce grapes with an authentic character, which Adriana and Ognyan use to create artisan, terroir wines in limited series (250 to 400 bottles). Every stage of the production is carefully controlled and performed with minimal intervention, professionalism and enthusiasm.

The vineyards produce wines in four different categories, depending on their style and characteristics. Some of the labels are benchmark for local craft wine: Cuvée Bella Rada, Gamza Grani, Stražite MRV, Pinot Noir and Game Noir. Others are for those curios for new tastes – Blush Rosé, Prospero, Orange Garden, and for special people and special occasions there is a separate category: Ogy’s Legacy, Maxxima – Private selection, Dux.

What other magic is created by the skillful hands and aspiring souls of Adriana and Ognyan you can see in the presentation of the wines here.

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When just one of the tandem remains

Ogy and Adriana – the two of them learn together and grow up together. He approaches the wine with science, precision and accuracy. She looks at things more globally – organizationally and technologically. They are a team. They share the same principles. Often no words are needed between them. 

Unfortunately, life took a different path and in 2016 Ogy passed away, way too early and leaving a great void behind. Isn’t it strange that thirty days earlier, he asked Adriana to promise that she would continue their work even if he is no longer around. At first she laughs, but then she promises, and after a month she realizes what he said. But she still goes on. “As long as there is the vineyard and the wine, he will still be here as well.”

Today, Adriana Srebrinova remains faithful to the principles created together with Ogi and continues the cause, preserving the unique style of the wines.