Special Borovitsa!


A special selection of wines with a lot of history. Ogy's legacy wines are made following the ideas of the exceptional Ognyan Tsvetanov. One of the co-founders of Borovitsa and a remarkable oenologist, he combines in a unique way local and noble French varieties.

Ogy's legacy - white blend - Ricat, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Viognier harvested at high altitude, aged in Bulgarian oak barrels. The wine is both elegant and powerful, with very rich aromas and excellent harmony.

Ogy's legacy - red blend - Gamza, Bouquet, Eulmolpia, and Rubin. The different wines bring variety and depth to the wine. The combination of the different types of barrels and the different grape percentages in the blend shape the wine, which has the character of the unique Northwest Bulgaria.

Gamza and Syrah - the wines from the two types of grapes are close in expression and body and complement each other. The wine is rich, but at the same time very elegant. Both vineyards are old, with a limited yield of 500-550 kg per hectare. The wine aged for 3 years - first in a new barrel for a short time and then 30 months in an old one.