Gift Card Borovitsa – 3 bottles


The ideal gift - a special wine according to the taste of the one you give it to! With a Borovitsa gift card, you gift 3 bottles of the recipient's choice from the "Borovitsa Collection", "Work label" and "Great Terroir" series!

How does the card work? You order online and pay for the gift card with a card through our webshop. We send you a digital gift card with a unique code by email. The card is designed and ready to be printed as a gift. The person to whom you give the card can use it within the next 6 months by simply going to our online store, and choosing the wines of their choice from the "Borovitsa Collection" and "Work label". When he enters his unique code, we will deliver their special gift.

What happens if the three bottles selected are of a different value than the exact amount on the card? The number of selected wines can be less than, equal to, or up to 10% more than the amount of the gift card.