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Welcome to the website of the Borovitsa winery!

These days, having a website is pretty standard – the modern equivalent of giving your business card. For a long time, a website was not a priority for Borovitsa, probably because Adi’s passions are the winery, the vineyards, and above all the making of wonderful wines. 

Today, there are a few more people around Adi – enthusiasts, and this allowed the launch of this website, as well as a new Facebook page of the winery. The idea is that communication can flow freely between the winery and you – the people who taste and like the wines of Borovitsa. 

We have a lot of ideas and naturally not all of them are ready, so we have to develop both this site and other digital and real formats to communicate. Fine wine is truly an experience, and part of the experience is to share it in pleasant company. 

We want to hear from you – wine fans, and to know your opinion and impressions. We want you to share which wines have particularly impressed you. Maybe you could even inspire a wine of “your own” by contributing ideas and recommendations for the special “Working label” series, that sometimes feature wines inspired by and made for special friends. 

So – come, take a look at the information about Borovitsa and the wines that are made there. If you would like to give us feedback or a recommendation, please email us at: