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Orange wine

You’ve probably heard of orange wine. But do you know exactly what it is? You won’t find orange wine in every shop or restaurant and although sought after and prized by wine lovers and the specialist wine bar crowd, orange wines are rare. And this is no accident.

In fact, the secret of our orange wine has nothing to do with wine making. The technology  is the standart one for white wine but with maceration time variing from a few hours to a whole day. The secret lies in the combination between a specific Chardonnay clone and the type of soil. Orange wine is very gentle and does not tolerate harsch interventions. It is completely natural and a wine that cannot be achieved by using industrial technology.

Borovitsa winery has been making this “new” style of wine for more than 12 years. The first vintage of Borovitsa’s orange wine was 2008 and it happened largely by chance.

“When planting this specific Chardonnay clone we didin’t know that the grape juice will be of a bright orange color, which subsequently, during fermentation, will lend orange hues to the wine”, says the owner Adriana Srebrinova. She and her co-owner and friend Ognyan Tzvetanov (who has sadly passed away)  joked that they managed to produce “Fanta orange”, but unlike Fanta this wine is very fine, elegant and completely natural. It became one of the crown jewels for Borovitsa winery and it is still made today.

A video by Avinissima Wine and Food Consulitng explains all about orange wine and introduces Borovitsa Orange Garden.

And here you can find more information and order our Orange garden.