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Orange wine

You’ve probably heard of orange wine. But do you know what exactly it is? You won’t usually find orange wine in every shop or restaurant – although sought after and prized by wine lovers and the specialist wine bar crowd, orange wines are rare. And this is no accident. 

In fact, the secret of orange wine is not so much in the technology of its making. It is produced according to the standard technology for white wine, and the infusion time can vary from a few hours to a whole day. The secret lies in a specific combination of a specific branch of the Chardonnay variety and the type of soil where the grapes are grown. Orange wine is very gentle and does not tolerate any intervention at all – it is completely natural, which ranks it according to another criterion in the category of quality wines that cannot be achieved with industrial technology. 

Borovitsa winery has been making this “new” style of wine for more than 12 years. The first year of Borovitsa orange wine was 2008, when it was obtained largely by chance. “When we planted a branch with Chardonnay, it turned out that when the grapes were crushed, a very rich orange blossom was produced, which subsequently, during fermentation, made the wine shades orange.” The fire and Adriana jokingly say that they got a “Fanta orange”, but unlike Fanta, the wine is completely natural, extremely gentle and fine. It became one of the pearls of the Borovitsa winery and is still made today. 

Here is also a video by the ladies of Avinissima, which tells more about orange wine, including the Orange Garden of the Borovitsa winery.

And here you can find more information and order our Orange garden.