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Award for "Best Bulgarian white wine"

The year of 2022 started with a really nice surprise for us! “Strajite MRV” 2019 has received the award for “Best Bulgarian White Wine” for 2021 in the DiVino Top 50 ranking.

As we have always stated, making wine in Borovitza is a mission and a vocation, as well as it takes a lot of effort, diligence and creative courage! The point of all efforts is to offer wines that are original, interesting and bring pleasure to our fans!

We are happy and grateful for the recognition and trust that has been given to us with this award!

MRV is one of our personal favorites, which has been established over the years. A blend of the French varieties Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier, thus the abbreviation “MRV”, it conveys the character of the typical Northwestern terroir in a unique way.

Try it with the local dish “Bel Muzh”, freshwater fish, soft cheeses and pasta with cream sauces. Cheers!

borovitza prize